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Clear Addresses

Welcome, visionary traders and innovators, to the nerve center of Valorem Clear - our official smart contract addresses. Whether you’re keen on hedging, speculating, or establishing new financial paradigms, these addresses represent the doorway to a world of unmatched liquidity and efficiency in on-chain derivatives. Armed with our robust, secure, and standardized contracts, you’re poised to redefine the future of finance. Below, you’ll find the authoritative list of our deployed smart contracts, ensuring you transact with clarity, security, and precision.

The following are the deployed addresses for Valorem Clear v1.0.1.

Network Address
Arbitrum Goerli 0x402A401B1944EBb5A3030F36Aa70d6b5794190c9
Arbitrum One 0x402A401B1944EBb5A3030F36Aa70d6b5794190c9

Clear is deployed on every network it is supported on with a deterministic hash by version via Create2.