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Valorem Explained

Dive deep into the architecture of Valorem, understanding its integration with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, the unique approach to on-chain options, and its pioneering mechanisms. Our documentation is curated to provide an understanding of our protocol. Whether you’re curious about option types, eager to comprehend the bucketing mechanism, or interested in the ERC-1155 integration, our docs have you covered.

Clear Litepaper

Discover how Valorem disrupts options clearing in the decentralized space, offering unparalleled flexibility, reduced execution costs, and a promise of permission-less interactions. Dig deeper into the novel mechanisms that steer away from traditional constraints, enabling a future where decentralized finance evolves, adapts, and thrives.

Clear Smart Contract ABI

Explore Valorem Clear’s ABI — An interface to efficient option contract clearing and settlement system compatible with all EVMs and ERC20s. A must-read for developers integrating with the Valorem protocol.

Clear Overview

Learn about the capabilities of Valorem Clear, a cutting-edge DeFi clearing and settlement system for options. Understand how it streamlines covered calls, cash-secured puts, and more.

Clear Addresses

Your On-Chain Gateway. Unlock the power of Valorem Clear through our official smart contract addresses. Navigate with confidence in the world of on-chain derivatives, backed by our transparent and cutting-edge options clearing contracts.

Clear Subgraph

Get insights into the Valorem Clear Subgraph, a tool for indexing and querying data from Valorem Clear smart contracts using GraphQL. Discover example queries, supported networks, and how it powers frontend apps.

Trade Overview

Discover the revolutionary intent-based architecture of Valorem Trade API, The Dawn of MEV-Resistant Peer-to-Peer Trading. Experience seamless transactions with unmatched MEV resistance, all backed by Valorem Clear options.

Writing Physically Settled ERC20 Options with Valorem Clear - A Developer Guide

Master the process of writing physically settled options on digital assets using Valorem Clear. Dive into step-by-step Solidity and CLI code examples covering option creation, transfer, exercise, and claim redemption.

Understanding Valorem Protocol Fees

Dive deep into Valorem’s fee structure, breaking down the maker-taker fee model for trade relays, and the associated costs for clearing and settlement. Use real-world examples to simplify the process of calculating fees when writing, trading, and exercising options on the Valorem platform.

Trade API Reference

Seamlessly integrate and leverage assets with Valorem’s advanced low-latency intent based RFQ. Explore the Valorem Trade API Reference Documentation – your definitive guide to our cutting-edge interface that empowers on-chain derivatives trading.