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Permissionless physically settled options, on any ERC20 token.

Vesting protocol options

Presently, protocols give away token grants. Valorem enables traditional strike option equity grants on ERC-20 Tokens.

Uniswap V3 liquidity hedging

Use a long straddle to hedge Uniswap V3 liquidity pools. This strategy is a suitable hedge for remaining in position at either end of a concentrated LP.

Principal protected notes

Use Alchemix to borrow against future yield, buy a Valorem call option with the yield, and voila, a principal protected note.

This, and much more, is possible with Valorem.

We’re building Valorem to unlock advanced hedging strategies in DeFi and enable more efficient yield on-chain. This flexible primitive can be leveraged to create new defi components.

Lots to look forward to.

No DeFi protocol is complete without a roadmap. Here’s ours.

Q3 2022

Mainnet launch

The option settlement engine will launch on mainnet with documentation, user interface and ability for users to write, hold and transfer options and claims.

Q3 2022

Contributor token options

We will build partnerships with protocols to use Valorem Contibutor Token Options to incentivize protocol contributors throughout DeFi. This will build a diverse income for the protocol from writing and exercise fees.

Q4 2022

Options market

Valorem will build or use an existing limit order book to allow the decentralized trading of options.

Q4 2022 and beyond

Structured products

Valorem will continue to build and integrate other structured products to increase notational volume and revenue.

Getting started is easy. Connect a wallet and write your first custom option in minutes.

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