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Jul 03, 2023

Product changelog

This past week we shipped a number of quality and usability improvements to the Valorem option trading experience.

Migrate to WalletConnect v2

WalletConnect v2 was a breaking change that all integrating dapps faced in June. We worked through a number of edge cases to ensure that the transition was as smooth as possible for all manner of OS / browser / wallet combos.

DeFi Wallet Connect v2

Wallet Connect v2 Mobile

Migrate from ethers to viem

We updated to wagmi v1 and in the process moved from ethers to viem. While ethers has been a reliable and high-quality framework, with viem we get:

  • reduced bundle size resulting in faster page loads,
  • better type safety resulting in fewer future bugs,
  • and better support for more wallet connectors.

Valorem option trading UX

Expiry usability

For the expiries featured in the Valorem Trade dapp, we added a helpful signifier showing how much time remains until expiry. This came directly from user feedback and we hope contributes to a better option trading experience.

We also addressed a handful of further usability improvements based on learnings from our beta testers 🙌 A lot of work happened behind the scenes this week, but week over week we endeavor to always be improving the dapp.

Option expiry usability

Improvements and bugfixes

  • Fix SIWE removing top byte of address
  • Fix missing premium issue
  • Fix wallet redirection bug

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