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Jun 23, 2023

Product changelog

In this week’s changelog, we discuss a new strategy, more Trade API docs, our new Discord community, and more!

New strategy – Long Put

Traders can now buy put options through the Valorem Trade experience. Use cases include expressing bearish sentiment, buying downside protection and hedging risk, or using as part of a multi-leg strategy. Look out for more strategies in the future!

Long Put Option Trading Strategy

Trade API maker / taker examples

We continue to build out our API documentation, adding concrete maker and taker examples in Rust. Reach out if you have questions or would like to discuss integrating with Valorem Trade.

Valorem Trade API Maker / Taker Rust Examples

Discord Community Refresh

This week, we refreshed our Discord community and held our first weekly Vol Hall 🏛️ We got a good group of folks tune in, discussing the latest features and enhancements to Valorem. Join next week Tue 27 June at 6 pm GMT.

Valorem Discord Community

Improvements and bugfixes

  • Market maker connection keep-alive to be more robust
  • Migrated to for consistency
  • Active chain is preselected during sign in flow
  • Fixed crash when entering decimal in Custom Strike and Quantity
  • Fixed SIWE browser bug
  • Fixed Quote timer getting stuck
  • Improved the layout and visibility of Strategy Builder UI elements
  • Numerous additional bugfixes and test coverage improvements

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