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Jun 16, 2023

Product changelog

In Valorem’s first product changelog, we discuss our new frontend, our Trade API, a new options trading strategy, and more!

New trading experience

We’ve released our new trading experience on Arbitrum Görli, building on Valorem Clear and Valorem Trade. This will allow users to trade options on any Arbitrum Görli ERC20.

New strategy – Long Call

Our first option trading strategy! Traders can now open Long call positions on digital assets, selecting from a set of 5 strikes and the next 4 Fridays.

Long Call Option Trading Strategy

Request-for-comment on Trade API reference

We published our preliminary reference docs for the Trade API, along with a request-for-comment. We received good feedback from our initial market making partnerships and DeFi protocol integrators.

Valorem Trade API RFC

Trade API enhancements

Based on feedback to our RFC, we added multi-chain support to the Trade API, along with future-proofing Seaport version changes and better authentication developer experience.

Improvements and bugfixes

  • UX: Empty view if no strategies match
  • Bug: Fix decimal input crash in ‘quantity’ field
  • Bug: Fix Long Put content and polish other strategies

Discord town hall

📢 Join us in Discord this Tue 20 June at 6 pm GMT for our first Vol Hall! We’ll be sharing product updates and discussing DeFi options 📊 Plus maybe a little bonus for attendees 🤫 Don’t miss it!

Live on Arbitrum One! Join our discord to get early access.

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