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Apr 10, 2022

Building a New Options Protocol

A bit more about what we are building at Valorem and why we are building it.

Where we are

We started building a new option protocol last month. We’ve been working rapidly towards a minimum viable product, and are pleased to announce that Valorem will be launching on the Harmony testnet later this week. We are excited to start onboarding some Alpha testers via our Discord. Please join and let us know if you want to be an early tester.

Where we are going

That’s the beginning, but after that there is a lot more to be built. We are planning a UI and Harmony Mainnet launch for May first. We are also starting to design some of the broader tokenomics for an ecosystem of structured products which will overlay the settlement layer. More to follow on that, along with a few examples of how to build structured products atop Valorem.

How we are going to get there

This week we have solidity developer from Raid Guild doing reviews on the settlement layer before the testnet launch, we have a subgraph developer starting to roll on queries for the protocol to provide user insights and support the UI, and we have a UI developer cranking on a react app for those not wanting to pilot the testnet on a block scanner.

We look forward to the feedback from our users, and in choosing two or three two sided structured product designs to build for writers and option holders to use. One use case we are immediately excited to build, is vesting options for protocol contributor renumeration.

What would you like to see? Let us know in our discord.

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