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Live now on Arbitrum One!

Permissionlessly trade options, on any ERC20 token.

Flexible and composable

Clear, our options settlement layer, takes a unique approach to time specificity, strike price, and premium, enabling American and European options with no pricing assumptions.

Permissionless and efficient

Clear options are permissionless. Write options on any ERC20 token, and transact with anyone. Our options use the ERC-1155 standard, lowering the viscosity of risk settlement.

Fair and secure

Clear settles options physically via a novel fair settlement algorithm. This minimizes counterparty risk, so you can securely hedge your risk.

Valorem is building a foundation for DeFi options.

We’re building Valorem to unlock advanced options strategies in DeFi, and enable more mature financial markets for digital assets.

When can I use Valorem?

We’re live on Arbitrum One. Here’s what’s coming next.



Clear, the Valorem option underwriting system and clearinghouse will allow users to write, hold and transfer custom options positions on any ERC20 token.



Trade, the Valorem peer-to-peer exchange, will allow users to trade Clear options with anyone, over the counter, or via RFQ liquidity.



Margining, oracles, and other ecosystem research and development will allow users to pursue advanced options strategies and structure novel products.

Getting started is easy. Connect a wallet and make your first option trade on Valorem in seconds.

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